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Guba Khinalig


10-11 hours


Guba – Red Village – Sinagogue – Kninalig village – Gechresh Lake – Baku


78 USD Per person For Minimum 4 People


420 kilometers by car

The tour includes visits to the following sites:

We will pass through Guba – is located 168 km away from Baku on the attitude of 600m above the sea level in the hills of Greater Caucasian Mountains. Guba due to its rich flora and fauna and soft climate is very popular among the tourists. Many historical buildings are well preserved in Guba such as Juma mosque,16th – century mausoleum. Guba is also home to more than 1000 Jewish people who were started living in The Red Village since the 18 th century. Running from persecution in Iran, Mountain Jewish People in the 18 th century asked permission from Fatali Khan to give them a land near Guba city and he agreed. The Red Village or with another name Krasnaya Sloboda is the birthplace of many Azerbaijani famous businessmen and scientists. The village is full of beautiful villas.

Khinalig – Khinalig is a village that located in the Greater Caucasian Mountains on 2350 meters above the sea level with fascinating natural beauty and beautiful mountain slopes. The village is one of the most ancient continuously inhabited human settlements in the world that dates back to 3rd millennium BC. Many invaders who came to Azerbaijan couldn’t reach to the village because of its high attitude and strong climate. That is why Khinalig kept its architectural and cultural uniqueness.
Generally, inhabitants of Khinalig have 380 houses that each of them are approximately 200 to 300 years old.

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US $499 One Time Payment

The price of the tour package includes the following services:

  • Transportation during the tour
  • English speaking guide service during the tour

The price of the tour package does not include the following services:

  • Meals
  • Entrance fee to museums