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Quba is attractive with its green nature, forests and mountain areas which is a part of range of Caucasus Mountains. A village of Khinalig considered as one of the highest (more than 2000 metres above sea level) and isolated areas are located in Quba region and frequently visited by tourists. Popular waterfall Afurdja which's height is 75 metrs is also located in Quba. The Kudyal River which takes its sources from high altitudes of Caucasus mountains flows through the territory of Quba.

Khinalug Village

Khinalug is among the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world, with a history spanning over 5,000 years. Because of its high altitude and remoteness, Khinalug managed to survive and withstand many invasions. There are also some other historical places such as a 12th-century mosque, a 15th-century mosque, and several ancient cemeteries between the mountains. There are also many ancient holy caves of early humans. On 7 October 2006, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, announced plans to modernise the educational buildings, infrastructure, governmental buildings and other resources of Khinalug.

Chenlibel Lake

Cankibel Lake located in the Second Nugadi village of Guba. The lake has become a favorite leisure place for tourists coming to the region. “Chanlibel “ lake which is surrounded by fabulous forests and mountains. You may have a chance to have a taste of a cup of brewed tea beside the lake while enjoying the vibe and breathtaking scenery. Inhaling pure air of this marvelous place.

Qechresh Forest

Qechresh is one of the largest villages in the Guba region. It is located 12 km from the district center. There are many recreation centers in the village. The area is covered with forest on all sides. Qechresh is famous for its natural springs and plants. The wild walnuts, hazelnuts, cranberry, hawthorn, hips, apples, pears and pine trees grown there. As for the animal world, the village is a home for gazelles, wolves, bears, foxes and other animals. It is also possible to catch fish in Gudjalchay, which gives a special beauty to the village.

Red Town

The village is located across the Qudiyalçay River (or Kudyal River) from the larger town of Quba. It is the primary settlement of Azerbaijan's population of highland, or mountain Jews who make up the population of approximately 4,000. The most widely spoken language in Red town is Juhuri. Red town is considered to be the world's last surviving shtetl. The settlement is sometimes referred to as the Red Town or the Red Village, possibly because of the red tiling used on many of the roofs. Other sources attribute the name to the protected status the town received during the Soviet period, when it was shielded from persecution during World War II.