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Ancient monuments attract travelers with the mysterious atmosphere of ancient times. If you are amongst those who tend to be smitten by the history of the ancient monuments, a trip to Azerbaijan's beautiful city Shamakhi is definitely a must for you. The region is maintained economic and cultural relations with India and China in the 12th century. Copper coins found in Shamakhi during archaeological excavations, porcelain containers produced in China, caravanserais serving international trade, prove the role of ancient Shamakhi in the Silk Road.

Diri Baba

On the way from Baku to Shamakhi there is Maraza village known for its unique monument - two-storied mausoleum-mosque of the 15th century called Diri-Baba.

Shamakhi Observatory

Observatory named by Nasreddin Tusi is a great destination for astronomy enthusiasts. The largest astrophysical observatory in Azerbaijan and the whole Caucasus is located in Pirkuli, Shamakhi. Observatory named by Nasreddin Tusi is equipped with modern facilities and with one of the largest in the CIS telescope with a mirror of 2 m by diameter. Moreover, the city's diverse territory endows the country with some of the most beautiful natural sceneries.

Juma Mosque

Construction date of the mosque- 743-744 relies on research of a geological commission coming from Tiflis, which was led by prince Shahgulu Qajar. This date was defined with Arabic ligature on the facade of the Friday Mosque, stating the year 126 according to Islamic calendar as the establishment year.[1] Just in this period the construction of new religious buildings – mosques – was begun in the territory of Azerbaijan. Historical appearance of ancient Islamic architectural monuments was related to Arabs’ governance and spreading of Islam in the territory of Azerbaijan. Friday Mosque of Shamakhi is considered the first mosque in the Caucasus after cathedral Friday Mosque of Derbent, which was constructed in 734.

The Seven Domes

Gulistan fortress (11th-12th centuries), the mausoleum of Yeddi-Gyumbez ("The Seven Domes") with numerous burial places of Shamakhi governors, Djuma cathedral mosque (10th century, reconstructed in the 19th century) and numerous ruins of the 10th – 17th centuries are also must see if you are interested in history.